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    Launch your sales in the CIS region

  • According to Statista

    Russian e-commerce market review

    • Online users
      110 mln
    • Online retail growth
      58% a year
    • Online sales share
      15% of all sales
    • E-commerce Market 2022
      47 billion $
  • We specialize in bringing foreign brands to the CIS market through D2C channels, such as brand stores and marketplaces. We offer a range of services, including the creation and maintenance of a modern online store using the latest technology, order processing, marketing, fulfillment, and sales management on marketplaces.

  • How we work

    The dream team in e‑commerce

    Each of our partners goes through a well-established process enabling us to launch and support projects efficiently at all stages.

    • Strategic consulting

      We help you identify a potential market, marketing channels, an individual business model and value proposition.

    • E-commerce platform

      We create an online store for your brand for free with unlimited bandwidth and high download speed.

    • Marketing

      We develop and implement the best marketing strategy for your brand. Our specialists have all Digital marketing tools at their disposal.

    • Call center

      We are responsible for all communications with clients via chat, email or telephone. We manage customer complaints on the website and on social networks.

    • Content

      We are responsible for all website content, filling in product cards with the necessary information and creating advertising banners.

    • Storage and delivery

      We combine the capabilities of the biggest logistics organizations with coverage of more than 90% of settlements, using Class A warehouses for storage.

  • Technologies for Growth

    Grow your brand with new technologies

    • Website speed is higher thanks to SPA, SSR, Lazy Loading technologies and image conversion to WebP
    • Ability to display AR, video and 3D on product pages
    • Customer retention with a loyalty program and a built-in customer data platform
    • Popups, banners, product recommendations based on machine learning
  • Average client indicators

    Increase your conversion rate to 87%

    Using our experience, a new generation IT platform, logistics infrastructure and modern marketing tools, we help brands scale up sales and accelerate business growth.

    Higher conversion rate
    Above the average check
    Repeat order percentage
    Site speed
  • Our specialization

    Organization and development of online sales

    55% of consumers in the world opt to purchase goods directly from brands, Statista claims. Our experience and thorough framework provide the basis for successful sales development of various international brands on the Russian market.

    • Cloth
    • Electronics
    • Footwear
    • Household Goods
    • Cosmetics
    • Accessories
  • Already working with us

    Our partners

    We provide brands with specialized resources, a new generation retail platform to unlock their full potential.

    • BOXRAW is based on the belief that boxing is not only a sport, but also a way of life. The brand exists to represent the «boxing lifestyle», allowing the spirit of the sport to live both inside and outside the ring. Whether you're into boxing to improve your fitness, learn technique to boost your confidence, or train to become a world champion, BOXRAW is by your side.
    • High quality, reasonable pricing, attention to detail and the constant pursuit of that hard-to-define feeling that arises when everything just falls into place is the philosophy of UCH | linkor.The brand creates watches to be loved and worn with pleasure and pride. Realizing that all people are different, WHA | Linkor aims to find the key to the heart of everyone who also appreciates the art of watchmaking and sees watches as more than just a time keeping device.
    • An eyewear brand with practicality and inspiration, born in the heart of Spain, to the taste of fashionistas all over the world. Versatile frames fit well into a variety of wardrobes. Glasses that are perfect for city life, walks and casual office.
    • The Stayer trademark is a leading Russian brand of high-tech sportswear, equipment for sports teams and professional athletes, as well as clothing for outdoor activities and travel.
    • Elegant Russian-made women's clothing. High quality tailoring and fabric, ideal patterns that will favorably emphasize the female figure - this is what the ideology of the VEDMA brand is built from. Clothing that will help a woman to reveal her full potential and give self-confidence.
  • Our approach

    Mission and values

    As a company, we strive to provide customers with the best experience when buying goods and our partners with cooperation based on the highest quality standards and modern technological developments in retail sales.

    • Trust
    • Dynamics and speed
    • Innovations
    • Focus on results and Engagement
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